The Reading Retreat® at Furman Foundation School is an integrated response to the unfortunate phenomenon of schooled illiteracy in our part of the world. The overarching belief is that a well-structured reading and writing initiative remains crucial to attempts at tackling declining reading levels and ensuring a fulfilling educational experience for kids. As a matter of fact, the Reading Retreat essentially seeks to:

  • Introduce kids to the world of reading and simultaneously mentor them to develop an undying love for reading.

  • Address the numerous societal challenges facing kids within the school’s catchment area through the implementation of reading programmes that address critical issues like sanitation, household hygiene, disease (especially malaria and cholera) prevention, citizenship, redemption and sound Christian values.

  • Reduce ignorance, change negative attitudes and perceptions usually inspired by prejudice.

  • Raise awareness among students on the interplay between success and reading and by so doing, inculcate the profitable habit of reading into them.

  • Enable children discover the fun that is reading through the provision of interestingly appropriate reading materials.

  • Diligently advocate for the active involvement of parents in the fight against ignorance.

  • Organize regular reading and writing contests and quizzes for kids in the vicinity.

  • Create engaging worksheets to cover the various books read by kids. 

  • Arrange for kids to read, respond to and use an interesting variety of materials.

  • See to the enrollment of thirty (30) out-of-school kids every year in school.